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  • Custom Bending
    See some of our mandrel bending and our rolling, headboards for utes, handrails, heat exchangers are some of our popular orders. We bend all different metals, providing these services to the Automotive, Food, Construction and other industries. We will also do 1 off orders!
  • General Purpose SS Bends (A554)
    Handrail returns (also known as candy canes, disabled returns or handrail ends) and bends etc. all off the shelf, save time waiting for custom bending! These are not food grade bends.
  • Copper Plumbing Range Brochure
    our extensive range of Press Fittings and traditional sweat Fittings – Elbows (short radius & long radius), Caps, Tees, Connectors, Reducers, Junctions Bends
  • Press Fit Installation Information
    In depth instructions for preparing and installing our Copper Press Fittings
  • Quick Guide for Installing Press Fittings
    A quick guide for our Copper Press Fittings, save time and effort
  • Stainless Steel Fittings Brochure
    This is a big one! Butt Weld Fittings, 90°, 45° or 180° Bends, Tees, Reducers, Tube, Pipe, Caps, Base & Cover Plates, large range of BSP Pipe Fittings and lots more